Mobile Devices

mobileCertain mobile devices with touch screens, working on Android operating systems, may not respond to the selection of items on the drop-down menus. If you have experienced this problem, you should be able to select the required page by touching the appropriate link in the menu on the Site Contents above.

flash_playerFrom time to time we may have Flash™ content and for some time, most browsers on Android devices have not supported Flash™ and Adobe have stopped supporting Android, but you can still download Flash™ from the Adobe Flash™ archive (click on the icon and scroll down the Adobe archive page). Note that you need to enable the allow installation from unknown sources in the security settings, to install the Android Flash™ apk file. If you are running Android versions 4.03 to 4.3, Flash™ files should then run on the default browser. However, for Android 4.4 or later, the best mobile browser to run Flash™ on an Android phone is the Puffin browser (see below).

Testing of browsers showed that the Opera Mobile Classic browser (not Opera for Android), could be used on tablets running Android version 4.03 to 4.3. It would play Flash™ files, when the player is installed, although it may have image sizing issues. For Android 4.4 or later, the Puffin browser, also available on the Google Play Store was recommended previously, but enabling the Flash™ player required an in-app payment. This is no longer the case and we can now recommend the Puffin browser on Android devices for sites with Flash™ content.

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