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Transapex Technology & Engineering offers consulting services in several fields as detailed below.

Industrial Products made from Composites and High Performance Thermoplastics

We offer specialized consulting services in the design of industrial products made from composites primarily consisting of thermosetting resins and glass-fibre reinforcements.  Expertise based on decades of experience is available on the choice of the best materials to meet specific physical and chemical conditions.  The products may include pressure vessels and piping.  Large tanks and other structures can be checked for their ability to resist wind and seismic loadings.  Large diameter pipe can be designed for various installation and burial conditions. Other industrial products may include large diameter vessels and piping made from high-performance thermoplastic polymers.  Designs are made to satisfy American, European, ISO and other standards, where applicable and available.  A list of some of the relevant standards at hand will be listed on the page covering standards.

Although we can offer services to design products from scratch, we see our main function in making checks and the carrying out of investigations, including stress analyses of products that are being quoted or supplied for industrial projects, where there is a need to optimise the design or prove to the project consultant, contractor or owner that the product meets the specifications and any mandatory standards.

Structural Checking of Large Composite and Plastic Tanks for Wind and Seismic Loads

We have noticed in South-east Asia, where we have been engaged in design work for many years, there has often been a lack of concern about wind loads and seismic loads. However, increasing occurrences of storms in many parts of the world and major seismic events over the past decade, has increased the need to show the ability equipment withstand exposure to these forces of nature, especially where large volumes of toxic materials are involved. While visits to factories or work sites are possible, we have been handling this type of consulting work over the Internet for several years.

Forensic Investigation of Failures of Equipment made from Composites and Plastics

We have also been involved in forensic work to determine the cause of failures of products in service, which have occurred because of poor design, wrong information, misapplication of materials, or processes which have exceeded the limits for which the product was designed.  Successes in design are soon forgotten, but failures can cause problems throughout the industry and are remembered for a long time.  It is important to determine the cause of all failures to prevent their recurrence or prevent the misapplication of materials.

Consulting Services Related to Information Technology

Information technology has pervaded every aspect of our lives now that most mobile phones are able to connect to the Internet.  It is a technology that is used in all aspects of business with the creation of web sites that describe, promote and advertise the activities of a company.  A good web-site presence gives a company credibility and can make a difference, when providing customer service or information about new products.  We are able to use our technical and engineering experience to ensure correct terminology in technical writing used on websites.  For more details please refer to our Transapex Webcom site.

Submission of Documentation

We can accept data and documents in most formats via e-mail and recommend PDF for most written matter, however we can also accept drawings in AutoCAD DWG format, whatever the version. Because of compatibility problems, we are not willing to accept work to create, amend, revise or otherwise modify AutoCAD drawings.

We invite enquiries regarding the cost to provide specifications, recommendations, design assistance, brief or detailed stress analyses and reports. All information received will be treated with the strictest confidence and will not be disclosed to other parties without express written permission. Please see the relevant pages for more information about the specific technical areas covered.

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